Tony Dottino

Coach Walsh shares practical lessons of leadership from his career as a college basketball coach that are in full need within corporate leadership development programs today. Learning to listen to your frontline, building trust and confidence, creating buy-in to the … Read More

Craig Counsell

Coach Walsh is a must read and must listen to for me. He understands that leadership is not one thing and it’s never figured out. Bob has been a great resource for me in considering new ways to think about … Read More

Phil O’Brien

With practical insights on team building and leadership, Entitled to Nothing is a must read for the leader of any organization seeking a practical guide for achieving competitive advantage, performance improvement and the realization of individual and team potential.

Stan Van Gundy

Bob Walsh is a program builder. I coached division III basketball in New England, and what Bob was able to do at Rhode Island College was incredible. Anyone can build a team but building a program that has sustained success … Read More